JESC 2011 stage . . . . AMAZING!

For everyone who has heard that this year’s stage is not so impressive, EurovisionClub says, do not believe it! Although we should have spoken about the stage much earlier, we see the necessity to clarify the actual look of the stage now.

First, the stage has been fantastic all these years, and this year is not going to be an exception. It’s huge, it’s colorful and it’s amazing! The design is done in accordance with this year’s logo, which symbolizes the Armenian mountains. The mountain design consists of monitors that display a unique slideshow for every song.

It’s awesome in reality, and I think it will be much better on TV.  So, no comment for the stage. Bravo guys! You did a great job!


Keep in touch for more updates,

EurovisionClub crew from Hamalir, Yerevan.


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  1. C’mon if it sucks, that means it sucks! Can’t you compare this jock with Dutch and Cypriot stages? Lol!

    • Actually, as you probably noticed, we didn’t compare it with any specific stage, AND, if you are informed about the latest JESC press conference, there are going to be budget cuts in Junior Eurovision, so either all stages are going to “suck” from now on, OR we remain with our primary opinion, that the stage looks absolutely great, especially during the performances. We say it from our own experience, but, of course, you can have your own opinion, that probably differs from ours. Have a great day!

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