JESC Rehearsals in the Full Swing

The stage of JESC 2011

JESC 2011 rehearsals are in the full swing in Yerevan. The young performers rock the fantastic stage one after another. By the way, speaking of the stage, Armenia surprised the whole Europe with a stunning stage, original design and fantastic color scheme. This show is definitely going to be one of the best,  if not the best, in the history of Junior Eurovision.

Literally 5 minutes ago the representative of Moldova, Lerika, finished her second rehearsal. Now the host participant, Dalita form Armenia, is the next to perform her second rehearsal.

The press room is boiling with news and articles with the speed of thunder. The worldwide news sources are being refreshed every minute.

In one word, the atmosphere here in the press room has the strongest taste of Junior Eurovision. Hope it will get better towards the actual Contest.

Keep in touch for more updates,

eurovisionclub crew from Yerevan


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