The Third JESC 2011 Press Conference . . . More Secrets Revealed

Today the third press conference of JESC 2011 took place at Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex, during which a number of secrets were revealed again. Keep your patience, dear reader!!!

The speakers of the press conference were the the head of Armenian delegation Gohar Gasparyan, the head of JESC press Artak Vardanyan, the supervisor of Junior Eurovision Sietse Bakker, the representative of World Vision Armenia Graham Strong and the executive producer Levon Simonyan.

Sietse Bakker responded to the rumors that Junior Eurovision 2010, which took place in Minsk, Ukraine, would be the last one. Bakker said that although there would be some cuts in the future budgets, Junior Eurovision will continue its existence in future. One of the factors that will contribute to it is the increase in the number of participating countries, that the EBU will try to reach. The more participating countries there are, the more affordable the Contest will be for everyone.

Also, we learned that the whole revenue of this years Contest will be given to World Vision Armenia.

Finally, we saw the trophy that will be given to the JESC winner this year. It is in the theme of the logo and the stage, symbolizing the mountains of Armenia (and we know there are a lot of them here in Armenia). The trophy is pretty heavy and is made of precious stone and silver.

A very important change is the voting procedure. This year you won’t be able to vote throughout the whole Contest, you’ll have limited time instead, only 15 minutes. Bakker told. “We want the viewers to hear all songs, and only after that vote for their participants.

Another change was the announcement of the votes by the countries. This year the countries will announce all votes (previously they used to announce only the highest ones). Great, another way of making us crave for the winning name!

It turns out the host country for Junior Eurovision 2012 is the Netherlands.  We would like you remind you that the Netherlands has already hosted the Contest in 2007, it was held in Rotterdam, however the host city of JESC 2012 is not known yet.

No matter how nice we would like to be, we have to conclude with a secret that, unfortunately, wasn’t revealed. This year’s guest performer will remain in secret forever and ever (at least until the Contest).

Dear, comrades, keep in touch for more updates,

EurovisionClub crew from Hamalir, Yerevan.


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