Sirusho on the JESC 2011 Stage

We have already talked about Sirusho, her performance and impressions about the upcoming show. But after watching her rehearsal I have to add one more thing.


Sirusho is probably the best choice for opening the show. Her performance with dancers, lights and the new version of Qele Qele is absolutely fantastic, and believe me I am not exaggerating it.

Her show will be dynamic and dancy, with some Armenian elements, which we want to remain a secret for you (to tell the truth, the whole show will be full of everything Armenian). One thing is for sure, she has done a good deal of work.

The TV version might not be as impressive as it will be at the Complex. So, those who have the tickets for JESC 2011, you can be sure, it’s going to be huge!

Keep in touch for more updates,

EurovisionClub crew, with love.


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