Andre. “This year Armenia has no competitors”

Andre PosterIt is known that The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take place from May 6. Concerning with the Contest we had an interview with the first Armenian representative in Eurovision Song Contest, Andre, who spoke about Aram mp3’s participation in the Contest, about our song and competitors.

 -Andre, what do you think about Aram mp3’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest?

 -I’m very happy, that finally Aram is going to represent Armenia in this year’s Eurovision. We all know about his talent of producing all possible and impossible sounds.

 — What  about the choice of the song “Not Alone”? Do you like it?

 -One can feel that the song has not been written specially for the Contest, but it has been created in a more natural way. I like the energy you can feel in the song, it has a power inside! It’s good that the author of the music is the performer himself, in this case Aram, and it’s an advantage that he can perform the song of his soul from that huge stage in front of the whole Europe. I also like the touching lyrics written by Garik Papoyan and, of course, the professional arrangement which makes the song more emotional.

 -In your opinion, which countries will be Armenia’s competitors of this year?

 -I have an interest in this Contest and have already listened to all the songs. After listening to our song, I understood that  Armenia has nor competitors this year. My opinion coincides with the opinions of the majority of Contest’s fans and bookmakers.


 -However, which position do you expect from this year’s Contest?

 -I expect only the first position! I only expect victory, and I’m sure for 101 percent that we will win, if only the jury will be fair and if there will be no lobbing which occurred during the last 3 years. I think there should be no jury voting in this Contest and the winning country should be decided only by the votes of the TV viewers- as it was during the previous years.

 -As the Armenian first representative in Eurovision, who is also very aware of the Contest, what would you advise Aram mp3?

 -I have already advised Aram to be emotionally calm and peaceful. He should have his normal sleep and food. As for the rest, he knows what to do. May God be with him! I advice everyone to be with Aram with their prayers and positive energy! This year is a very important one for us… and I dream about Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Yerevan!:)

Photos from Andre’s personal archive.

Syune Arakelyan 


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