COMPASS BAND will represent Armenia with the song “SWEETY BABY”

Compass band

On September 30, during the live broadcast of Armenian National selections for Junior Eurovision 2012, we finally learned who will represent our country in the Contest, which will be held in  The Netherlands. The professional jury and the majority of the audience voted for Compass band, who will represent Armenia in JESC 2012 with their song “Sweety baby”.

The hosts of the live show Gohar Gasparyan and Avet Barseghyan

This year’s hosts of the Armenian National final show were the hostess of Armenian Public TV and the  Head of Armenian Delegation Gohar Gasparyan and a popular TV host Avet Barseghyan. As for the “green room”, this year it was situated outdoors,where Dalita, last year’s Armenian representative of Junior Eurovision, was having interviews with the participants of the Contest. The guests of the show were the first representative of Armenia in Eurovision Andre and the winners of JESC 2011 Candy, who were representing Georgia.

17 songs were fighting for winning the ticket to JESC 2012. Among them were not only individual singers but also groups, who performed their songs in the following order.

  1. Flora Mkhitaryan — Ory
  2. Khentutyun Group — Linum e, chi linum
  3. Tatev Yengibaryan — Im Rock’y
  4. Ninela Mkhitaryan — Im Ashkhar’y
  5. Karen Ohanyan — Love
  6. Marine Abrahamyan — Stop
  7. Milly Miskaryan — Ser’y tariq chi harcnum
  8. Zangak Studio — Tik-tak
  9. Lusine Ghazaryan — Yerazanqi tevov
  10. Lidushik — Shnorhavor
  11. Vahagn Grigoryan — Home Sweet home
  12. Gayane Ghazaryan — Come
  13. Style Group — Knock, Knock
  14. Sona Dounoyan — Tarber enq
  15. Mane Araqelyan — Yergavazq
  16. Compass Band — Sweetie baby
  17. Angelina Gasparyan — My name is Angel

The draw for the final show was held on September 25.

The slogan of this year’s Contest is “Break the Ice”. So, we hope that our representatives will manage to “break the ice” bringing the Victory to Armenia!


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