Dalita: Exclusive interview with the Armenian ambassador in JESC 2011

Dalita, this year’s Armenian participant in JESC, which will take place at the Sport-Concert Hall after Karen Demirchyan, is already busy with the preparations for the Contest. Despite that, the singer agreed to give an interview specially for our blog and we are very thankful to the young performer for it. Enjoy the interview!

eurovisionclub: Dalita, how did you decide to take part in the Armenian National Final of JESC 2011?

Dalita: As I’m in the music industry I always follow the contests for kids and  decided to take part in one this year.

eurovisionclub: Who helped you in the creation of the song “Welcome to Armenia”?

Dalita: One of my favorite teachers Emma Asatryan has helped me to create the song, the instrumentation of which was done by Martin Mirzoyan, and zurna (traditional Armenian instrument) is performed by Vardan Grigoryan.

eurovisionclub: Have you already listened to the songs of the other contestants, and if so, who do you consider to be a stronger competitor for you?

Dalita: As far as I know, not all the countries have finished their Naional Selections yet. I’ve listened to the songs of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Macedonia and Lithuania. I don’t want to specifially mention someone. Everyone is well-prepared, and as it is a contest, we are all competitors to each other.

eurovisionclub: In general, do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? If so, which participant of ESC (non-Armenian) would you like to have a duet with?

Dalita with he winner of JESC 2010 Vladimir Arzumanyan

Dalita: Yes, I’ve always followed the Contest since the first year of the Armenian participation. I would like to have a duet with Dima Bilan and Alexander Rybak from the male singers, and I would like to sing with Lena Mayer and Ruslana from the female singers. I’ve performed the winning songs of both singers (“Satellite” by Lena Mayer and “Wild Dances” by Ruslana).

eurovisionclub:Do you see yourself also in ESC?

Dalita with her teacher Emma Asatryan

Dalita:I would like to. When the time comes, I will think about it.

eurovisionclub: And as an ending, I would like to know what plans do you have for future? Are you going to continue your career as a singer, or do you have other plans?

Dalita:  I’m taking part in JESC now. After the Contest I will think about other plans. Of course, I will go on with singing with the help of my teacher, but I would like to have another profession as well, I still have to think about it.

eurovisionclub wishes good luck to Dalita in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. We wish her a good performance, a good mood and also great victories both in the Contest and in general.


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