Andre: Sincere Interview with the First Armenian Participant of Eurovision 2006

We have recently presented you Andre’s new official video on the song “Miaceq Ergin” (Join the Song) where we can see the singer with another new and fashion-forward look. But this is not the only news that the first Armenian participant in ESC will surprise us with. You can be informed about Andre’s further news from the interview below🙂


eurovisionclub: Andre, as far as we know, besides the new video of “Miaceq Ergin” (Join the Song) there will be other videos released this year. Which songs have you chosen for the videos and how many of them will you have by the end of 2011?

Andre: Yes, I will have another 2 videos by the end of this year. One of them is a duet with Georgian singer Nini Shermadini on the song  “Ov, Sirun-Sirun” and the other one will be on my favourite song “Uzum em Sirel” (I Want to Love), which is from my album “Andrenalne”. There will also be another video, the presentation of which will be at the end of January.

eurovisionclub: Where have the videos been shot and who did you cooperate with during the process?

Andre: The videos were shot in the USA.  I cooperated with my good friend Arpy Kandaharyan for the first time, she is also a representatives of our brand Devine Luv.  We have made all the decisions together and together we have created and shot videos. I have cooperated with director Georgy Harutyunyan  and with the cinematographer Karen Stepanyan for my third video.  I’m sure that we are going to have a very beautiful video in the end, as it’s not only going to be shown here, on the Armenian TV-channels,  but on all the Georgian TV-channels as well.  So, this video is a very responsible step in my life 🙂

eurovisionclub: In the video of “Miaceq Ergin” we see you with a new look. Who was the author of that bold

The most stylish singer with another new look


Andre: Of course, I myself was the author of that idea. My best friends who live in the USA have also encouraged me. After thinking for a long time we addressed the professionals and in the end got that interesting and unique look for the videos and for the photo-shoots of  “Andrenaline” jeans.

eurovisionclub: As you spoke about the jeans,  we would like to know when we can see the jeans in Armenia as well?

Andre: The jeans will be in Armenia soon. I’m sure they’ll have a great success among the buyers as they have a rather good quality. I myself  wear them for already a month and I would like to note that we have a high quality production which is important for having success in that field.

eurovisionclub: How many designs will you present and what style and age group is it meant for?

Andre: We will present 17 designs of jeans in the beginning, 12 out of which will be for girls and women, and 5 designs will be for male buyers. Then, we will add another 3 designs for men and will constantly keep adding them in the future. There will also be Andrenaline  perfume, accessories and clothing. As for the jeans, they are meant for people who love wearing jeans, regardless of the age.

eurovisionclub: Your CD “Andrenaline” was released exactly a year ago. Will there be a new CD for this year?

Andre: My new CD is in the process of recording now. I’m performing the songs of Suren Knyazyan. His songs were very popular in 2005 and 2006. My songs “Qaminer” (The Winds) and “Mer Ergir” (Our Country) have been popular among all. There are much more beautiful and sensitive songs in my new album. I want to manage and release it by the end of this year as I still have things to do for my album “Komitas”.

eurovisionclub: How many songs will there be on the new CD and when is it going to be presented to the audience?  

Andre: I think it’ll have 10 or 11 songs. The recordings are still in the process. As I was very busy I couldn’t participate in them during September and the first half of October. We’ll go on with them starting from October 20.

Andre was the first to represent Armenia in Eurovision

eurovisionclub: You were the first Armenian representative in ESC, what opportunities did it give you?

Andre: The Contest was the continuation of the opportunities that were already laid upon me, as I already had my own place in the music industry and have gained the love of Armenians both in and outside of Armenia. The Contest was very interesting to me and now I consider myself skillful in Eurovision, as I still don’t notice anything like we have created and done with our team. It’s possible to have big results with small finances. If I had the same budget as the participants in the following years, I would surely present a more powerful show and a better song. Anyway, I think that we did everything well for the first time. It was a good start for the other participants.
eurovisionclub: Would the emotions and the sense of  responsibility be the same, if you were not the first, but the second or the third participant?  

Andre: Everything I went through before the Contest is known only to me and it’s not the time to speak out loud about them yet.  I’ll just say the following, we bravely overcame all the obstacles and returned to Armenia with honor, and the day, when Armenia passed to the final, was a real celebration in our country. The 8th place was equal to victory for us that year. I would only want that the same mistakes were not repeated with the other participants, but I’m sorry to see that it happens every year and I realize that nothing has changed. If we want to win, we have to trust the professionals, who know what they’re doing, and we  should not disturb them with our own opinions. All that kept me from presenting the song that I wanted. And I’m sure that I would have won a better place with that song, because the performer’s reputation doesn’t play an important role in that Contest, does it? The correctly chosen song is the important thing.

eurovisionclub: Would you want to represent Armenia in Eurovision once again?

Andre: I always used to joke that I would participate again only in one case, and that happened this year. I was very sad and sorry for our participant, because it’s about all of us. When there’s only one person there, there’s also one nation, and the failure of one person belongs to all of us. I am sure that even if I don’t participate I’ll be the person beside our participant to give advice. The style of this year’s winning song I guessed would win, and I suggested a similar song for our participant, but I’d rather not talk . . . If we had chosen that song, they would not have performed a song with the same style. We had the same problem with our last year’s participant. I think Eva had the potential to perform much better, only tasteless people with their personal opinions think they’re much more professional than the specialists. We should change that all-knowing character of ours. I’m not saying we should address foreign specialists. During the year of my participation we contacted Mihran, one of Madonna’s best dancer, before addressing Egor Drujin, but Mihran was busy with his tours at that time. We were even thinking of incorporating  rap, but the plans changed and we decided to talk to Egor. He did a lot of things for me. We can even say that he, being non-Armenian, was one of the best nerves of my team. I can share on and on, but there will come a time when I’ll honestly tell all the stories, that had troubled, pressured, maybe tried to destroy me. . .  And I was standing after all of that and representing Armenia in Eurovision for the first time.

eurovisionclub: What would you wish for and advise to Dalita?

Andre: Dalita is a very artistic, attractive and talented singer. I’m sure that she’ll perform well. I advice her to stay a child in her performance, because this is Junior Eurovision and children have no problems in their lives, while grownups and the parents solve all the problems instead of them. I wish her to be a joyful Armenian child. I wish her a victory and a great performance. May God help us!

We thank Andre for this most interesting and sincere interview. You can watch Andre’s performance at ESC 2006 just right here.

  1. Yes, Thanks to Andre I have learned about beautiful Armenia, its beautiful music, and struggles for freedom. He has proudly represented Armenia and is a loyal ambassador wherever his peformances and harmonious powerful voice is heard. His interviews seem to convey a caring and responsible message to all audiences. Thanks for posting this interview translated to English.
    Best regards to Andre.

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